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ShutterBox 1.1 Is On Sale

Monday, December 28th, 2009

I am happy to announce that version 1.1 of ShutterBox has been approved for sale.  I made a lot of improvements to the game, and I think customers will enjoy version 1.1.  One bit of frustration was that I got the approval for version 1.1 right before Apple shut down the itunesconnect website for holidays (this is the website where you update information about your applications in case you did not know).  So some folks who bought Shutterbox around Christmas saw different screen shots on iTunes than what they found on their iPhone/iPod touch.  iTunes should be updated now with the new screen shots for version 1.1.

Hope everyone world wide has a great new year and thanks for supporting ShutterBox!

ShutterBox version 1.1 sent to Apple….

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Well, I have sent version 1.1 of ShutterBox to Apple for approval.  Version 1.0 was published earlier this month.  Since the blog was put online after that first release, you can check out ShutterBox here.  Version 1.1 incorporated a bunch of features that I wanted to put in version 1.0, but was not able to implement due to time constraints.  Version 1.0 had all of the game play, but Version 1.1 added things that make users lives easier:

  • Game state saved when game is stopped (i.e. when a call comes in).  The games play very quickly, but I found it to be annoying that whenever you had to leave the game a new game started when you returned.
  • New Settings.  I added some new settings like changing colors on the game board.  Also made the settings persistent.  This was most important for the sound setting.  It seems like people either love sound on their iPhone games, or can’t stand it–Now they can set the sound once and not deal with it if they don’t want to.
  • Records.  Some basic user records.  Always fun to see how many games you have won!
  • Also fixed a couple of bugs and made some graphics performance improvements

When I look at the features added to version 1.1, I see that I really should have held off on the 1.0 release.  Self imposed deadlines are important for keeping projects on track, but I think in this case being a little more flexible would have been a good idea.  Lesson learned, I guess.  In my ‘previous life’ I worked on engineering software that was constantly evolving and having new features being added.  In that arena, customers expect that the software will continually update.  However, for mobile applications like this, the application should really have the complete set of features in its first release.  Updates can add feedback from customers, but I probably won’t take the attitude again that I can add some more core features in an update release.  Like I said…. Lesson learned.   I think customers will be very happy with the improvements made to version 1.1 though.  I play the game everyday and I really like the new features (hopefully others will too).

At some point I will do a version 1.2 release, but I will  wait to get some more feedback from people who bought the game.  I have some graphics improvements I would like to make (like enabling perspective rendering) and some ideas for multiplayer modes, but I will wait to see how customers respond to the latest version before starting work.

Stay tuned for when ShutterBox version 1.1 is made available from the App Store.  I will post when it becomes available.